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Four Little Walls is a UK based miniature maker and enthusiast. In January, blogger Kat interviewed Chelseamakes to learn about our current projects. Check out the interview below or head over to Four Little Walls to see the original interview.


FLW: What first drew you to working with miniatures?

CHELSEAMAKES: "As a kid I loved miniatures, my friend and I would spend hours decorating and redesigning her dollhouse room by room. In high school, however, it wasn’t cool to be interested in miniatures and so my interest fell quiet for a while.

By trade, I’m a Landscape Architect. In college we often had to make physical scale models of the designs we were working on. That was when I remembered how much I LOVED miniatures. That was also when I discovered Laser cutting- the obsession that would carry over into ChelseaMakes and the Simplekits.

After college I moved to California from New York for work with Nick. Like any big change, it was scary, and the adjustment was depressing. I knew I needed help adapting. I really wanted to find a hobby that would help me ground myself- meet people, learn something new. That was when I got the flyer for TamMakers, a creative group and maker-space in town. I took my first woodworking class there and was hooked. I still teach the Laser cutting class there.
With only a 500sf apartment, the Bay Area doesn’t lend itself to being a great place for furniture building. That’s when I decided I would continue furniture making in 12 scale!
I bought a Glowforge brand laser cutter, and ChelseaMakes really got started. "


FLW: What is inspiring your projects currently?

CHELSEAMAKES: "Simplekits are designed to be assembled by anyone, young or old. And what really inspires me is finding different ways to adapt the same principals of assembly. There’s no better guide than trial and error. "


FLW: If you had to choose just one of your pieces, what is your favorite item to create? 

CHELSEAMAKES: "I love making replicas of the furniture I actually have. One of the first minis I made was a replica of our Ikea Poang chair. That was my favorite for a long time. Right now my favorite item is the Moroccan pouf. My grandmother had two in her house and I absolutely loved them. If we had a bigger apartment I would have them everywhere. Since we don’t, I’ll just have settle for the 12scale version!"


Thanks Kat for the great interview and wonderful work you do to showcase makers from around the world!


Martin Goes to Japan

Martin visits "Japan"

I might be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure Martin is the cutest Hamster in the world. This weekend Nick was working, and whenever I have a little too much free time on my hands, you'll see Martin doing something extravagant. Inspired by our dinner (Sushi, of course) I decided Martin might like to take a trip to Japan. I laser cut some Shoji screens out of 1/8" plywood and pasted on a thin trace-paper backdrop. The chopsticks are sanded down tooth picks. His sushi? I saved him some rice from our dinner - it would have been super rude not to share!


Mallory and I put together a sweet collection of wedding decor for her intimate 50 guest wedding in Jamesport, Long Island. Surrounded by vineyards and farmland, the Jamesport Manor Inn was the perfect Summer venue for Mallory and Garrett.

Mallory knew she wanted Lavender in the table settings, so we went to work building her rustic theme around pale purples, ivory, and natural additions of burlap and twine.

I painted watercolor lavender and eucalyptus leaves and modified them in photoshop for the table numbers, invitations, RSVP cards, and seat assignment charts. The table number holders were made from a reclaimed piece of interior molding. 

Taking cues from Mallory's favorite movie, The Princess Bride, we created an adorable laser cut cake topper, and welcome sign with quotes from the film.

Congratulations Mallory and Garrett! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!



When my beyond beautiful Best friend Steph told me about the plans for her dreamy Summer wedding, I could not wait to get started on her decorations. She hadn't quite asked me yet (oops) but my being Pinterest obsessed and a compulsive crafter immediately had me brainstorming.

Steph and Scott met when we were all in college and planned the wedding to be held on the same family property that Scott's parents got married (Swoon). Wildflower meadows, a beautiful waterfront cove, tall evergreens, you couldn't have asked for a more perfect place for these two. The lobster shack across the street serving up fresh Maine lobster rolls and the creamiest lobster stew didn't hurt either :)

The thing about rustic weddings, is that they're simply begging to be DIY. The imperfections in the finished decorations are what make them all the more charming. Since we all graduated from an Environmental college, it seemed only fitting to make as much as we could from what was reclaimed or locally available.

All of the signs were built from reclaimed pallets. The text isn't quite straight, not exactly centered, and the lettering could use some work... BUT, I think that's what makes them so lovable. Don't be afraid to try something new. Worried about messing up? Print some example text and practice a few times. If you can believe it, I got a C, (a C!!!), in penmanship in grade school. 

The table numbers were all laser cut from scrap ply previously used to protect higher grade lumber. I scored it all from the trash bin! That said, the trash is a GREAT place to find decor for a rustic wedding. You'd be surprised how much good a coat of paint can do.

Scott's incredible mom Marcia clipped wildflowers and greenery from her own yard to add to their locally purchased florals. Due to the time constraints, I ended up being the one to decorate the arbor. For someone who is clueless on flower arranging, I think it came out pretty good. I just wish I had realized how wilted the more delicate flowers were going to get in that hot summer weather. Live and Learn!

Congratulations Steph and Scott! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day.


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