HOW TO: Make a Tiny Moleskine notebook

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How To: Make a Tiny Moleskine notebook


  • 1 sheet of brown kraft paper

  • Sewing needle

  • 1 sheet of white printer paper

  • Thread

  • Scissors/exacto knife

Let’s Get Started:

  1. Cut 1 - 1.5” x 1” piece of brown kraft paper

  2. Gently score down the middle of the paper with x-acto knife, be sure not to cut all the way through the paper

  3. Fold in half

  4. Cut 3 - 1.5” x 1” white paper

  5. Fold in half

  6. Open the folded papers and place the white papers inside of the brown paper

  7. Using the sewing needle, puncture 6 wholes through the cover and sheets

  8. Sew the sheets together through the pre-punched holes.

  9. Trim any overhang of the white pages


Wondering where that tiny Moleskin would look best? Because I love it on the table of the San Francisco Living Room! So Cute.