FIVE GIFT IDEAS: For the Creative Person in Your Life

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FIVE GIFT IDEAS: For the Creative Person in Your Life

We all know that finding the right gift is a challenge. Creative gifts, however, have the remarkable ability to keep on giving long after the season is over.


1. Dollhouse Kit


1. DOLLHOUSE KIT - Not a kid? Well guess what, Modern dollhouses are on the rise for ADULTS! That’s right, many millennials can’t afford houses and a miniature home is a fun and affordable way to test out your interior design skill and create the rooms you’ve always wanted. Grab a bottle of wine and your bff and make yourselves 3D image board of all your house goals.

Link: ChelseaMakes SImplekit


2. Creative Class

Picture by Pexels

Picture by Pexels

2. CREATIVE CLASS - One of my favorite gifts to give is a gift that keeps on giving. There are so many types of crafts to learn: woodworking, woodturning, painting, gardening, screen printing, knitting, welding, glass blowing – the list is endless! Find out what your friend has always wanted to learn and open the door for them to get there.

Link to Creative Classes Near You or if you live in Mill Valley check out The Makery + TamMakers


3. Wine + Craft Night!


3. WINE + CRAFT NIGHT - The wine night you know most commonly is Paint NIte! , but there are so many other great wine and craft nights for you and you rLocal to MV? Check out One of favorite gift to receive is an activity- even better if it’s an experience I get to share with my BFF! Check our local locations for a paintnite or similar activity. Maker spaces are popping up all over with one-session crafts that are bound to inspire.


4. Lap Loom Kit


4. LAP LOOM KIT: I’ve been so inspired by this loom by the Makery here in mill Valley! I’m so excited to make wall hangings and miniatures with truly inspired materials!


5. Notebooks + Journals


5. NOTEBOOKS + JOURNALS: There are so many great journals for the creative! Whether it’s a writing prompt, introspective question, sketch prompt, or completelyblank – a journal is a great way to get the inspiration flowing.

 I love this one from Moorea Seal: 52 Lists

and these: The Five Year Journal and The Watercolor Moleskine