FIVE GIFT IDEAS: For the Plant-Lover in Your Life

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FIVE GIFT IDEAS: For the Plant-Lover in Your Life

We all know that finding the right gift is a challenge. May this list help you find the best one out there!


1. Monstera Earring

EARRING - Monstera-Large-4.jpg
EARRING - Monstera-Large.jpg

1. MONSTERA EARRING - If your friend has run out of window space, there’s still one more spot they can add some leaves – their jewelry! I love the lightweight feel of these leather (or wood!) monstera earrings. They are made from 21k gold dipped hardware so they’re comfortable even for sensitive ears.

Link: Monstera Earrings


2. Plants

Picture by Pexels

Picture by Pexels

2. PLANTS - This one is a no brainer. If you or your friends love plants but can’t keep them alive go for a bullet-proof plant. These plants are easy to maintain and still bring life to your home. These plants include: succulents, cacti, snake plants, air plants, philodendron


3. Plant Book


3. PLANT BOOK - Every true plant nerd loves a field guide. Find a local plants identification book that’s local to their area. Even better, join them on a hike where you can both identify beautiful natives.

A few great choices:

Leaf Supply

Urban Jungle

All That the Rain Promises and More




4. PLANT ART: It’s always fun to know what plants are in season. What better way then with a gorgeous chart by Young America Creative


5. Flowers


5. Flowers: Flowers are always a welcome addition to a room. If you’re feeling creative, walk around outside to find some branches and foliage to add to the mix. This brings in a personal touch that is sure to reflect the season.

If you’re in LA, head to my friends at Wildflora