Q: What are the Simplekits made of?

A: All simple kits are made from formaldehyde free Maple plywood that is grown and processed in Oregon, USA. Most furniture kits are made from formaldehyde free birch plywood processed elsewhere in the USA. An occasional product is made from industry standard birch plywood. Other materials utilized include non-toxic wood glue, vegetable tanned leather, and acrylic.


Q: Where are ChelseaMakes products made?

A: All of our products are handmade in Mill Valley, California


Q: Why are the Simplekits so expensive?

A: Every Simplekit is hand made by me, Chelsea. From design development, to cutting and packaging, I'm at the lead. When you buy from me, you support a local small business; an upstart, a designer, and a very hopeful person.


Q: What scale are the dollhouses?

A: Dollhouse Simplekits and all furniture kits are designed at 12-scale (1/12 or 1in equals 1ft). This is the most common scale for dollhouse furniture which means you'll easily find hundreds of accessories beyond our product line that fit. Some makers have also found that 1/16 furnishings work well in the houses.


Q: Can I carry ChelseaMakes products in my store?

A: Yes! Email us at Chelseamakesinfo@gmail.com for access to our Wholesale page.