When my beyond beautiful Best friend Steph told me about the plans for her dreamy Summer wedding, I could not wait to get started on her decorations. She hadn't quite asked me yet (oops) but my being Pinterest obsessed and a compulsive crafter immediately had me brainstorming.

Steph and Scott met when we were all in college and planned the wedding to be held on the same family property that Scott's parents got married (Swoon). Wildflower meadows, a beautiful waterfront cove, tall evergreens, you couldn't have asked for a more perfect place for these two. The lobster shack across the street serving up fresh Maine lobster rolls and the creamiest lobster stew didn't hurt either :)

The thing about rustic weddings, is that they're simply begging to be DIY. The imperfections in the finished decorations are what make them all the more charming. Since we all graduated from an Environmental college, it seemed only fitting to make as much as we could from what was reclaimed or locally available.

All of the signs were built from reclaimed pallets. The text isn't quite straight, not exactly centered, and the lettering could use some work... BUT, I think that's what makes them so lovable. Don't be afraid to try something new. Worried about messing up? Print some example text and practice a few times. If you can believe it, I got a C, (a C!!!), in penmanship in grade school. 

The table numbers were all laser cut from scrap ply previously used to protect higher grade lumber. I scored it all from the trash bin! That said, the trash is a GREAT place to find decor for a rustic wedding. You'd be surprised how much good a coat of paint can do.

Scott's incredible mom Marcia clipped wildflowers and greenery from her own yard to add to their locally purchased florals. Due to the time constraints, I ended up being the one to decorate the arbor. For someone who is clueless on flower arranging, I think it came out pretty good. I just wish I had realized how wilted the more delicate flowers were going to get in that hot summer weather. Live and Learn!

Congratulations Steph and Scott! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day.


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